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12 Feb

There three major software programs specifically geared toward writing fiction and non-fiction:1) Scrivener (which I own)2) Story Mill (on sale for .99)3) Storyist (higher priced than the other two)I mentioned in another post that Mariner Software (which owns Story Mill, Mariner Write, and other programs), is currently having a 50% off sale on some software.

Although I love and use Scrivener, I will admit that it has a lot of features that I don't use, but only because I haven't taken the time to master them.

But self-publishing puts you in charge of every aspect of your career.

I saw no external reason for Amazon to drop the price. Amazon can calculate royalties based on the sale price, your list price.

At this point, I figure getting the price restored is probably the best I’m going to get. Fortunately, in the end, this incident had little real impact on my finances. According to Section 2 of their Terms and Conditions, Amazon “reserve[s] the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion.” On February 9 — just two days before the Goblin Tales glitch — they added the following: KDP RELIES ON COMPLEX SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES.

Goblin Tales sold sixteen copies at the reduced rate, meaning I was underpaid by a whopping or so. But the impact was minimal I certainly intend to keep my e-book collections up on Amazon. I’m not telling people not to publish through Amazon; I am telling you to go in with your eyes open, and to understand that despite what the cheerleaders might suggest, Amazon is not pro-author. WE STRIVE TO MAKE OUR SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES ERROR-FREE AND EFFICIENT, BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL BE, AND WE WILL HAVE NO LIABILITY ARISING FROM SYSTEM OR PROCESS FAILURES, INTERRUPTIONS, INACCURACIES, ERRORS OR LATENCIES. They make the rules, they can change the rules whenever they feel like it, and they aren’t liable when they break the rules.

A certain champion of self-publishing recently decried all of the “whiny bitches” complaining about Amazon, and argued how Amazon treats authors so much better than commercial publishers.

While there are certainly advantages to Amazon’s program, anyone who thinks Amazon is in this to help authors is a fool.