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20 Apr

The title of the painting is Take the Fair Face of Woman, and Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy is Made of Most Beautiful Things – purportedly from a poem by Charles Ede., fae, fair folk; from faery, faerie, "realm of the fays") is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.

According to Thomas Keightley, the word "fairy" derives from the Latin fata, and is from the Old French form faerie, describing "enchantment".

We got a letter from the police saying we weren’t welcome to shoot in Glasgow because of the subject matter.

The police also wanted to see a copy of the script, which I’d never come across in more than 40 years in the business.

Burdis, who produced The Krays, was not exactly expecting the red carpet treatment when he started making a film about one of the city’s most notorious gangland figures.

A portrait of a fairy, by Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1869).

At that point all he had to work from was Ferris’s book: “I found it capitvating.

It’s a riveting tale, full of integrity that pulls no punches: it wasn’t glamourising the fact that Paul was a gangster, but telling us the story about why that happened to him, and I found that so moving.“It was not so much the gangster part of it that appealed to me.

The full official trailer gives a flavour of what cinemagoers can expect when the film hits Scotland’s cinemas at the end of next week.

One early review of The Wee Man described the portrayal of Ferris and his violent struggle for power in 1980s Glasgow leaving a “nasty taste in the mouth” and said it was “arguably irresponsible.” Another critic warned the film features “repellent bursts of bloodletting”.