Whos undertaker dating

26 Mar

But then there was some commotion in the entrance way and by the time cameras cut back over to see what was going on, Mankind was back up.

And not only was he back up, he was heading back to the ring to continue the match.

And not only was he back up and heading back to the ring to continue the match (with a smile on his face, no less), he was heading back to climb the cage again.

Terry Funk stayed in so Undertaker could attack him and deliver a choke slam while Mankind recovered.He missed the majority of them and it looked like Foley had been saved from having to absorb yet another painful spot. After getting back up from this, Undertaker choke slammed Foley directly onto the big pile of thumbtacks.All that was left was a throat slash to signal the end and a tombstone piledriver to get the three count to mercifully bring to a close one of the most grueling matches in WWF history.He brought them in the ring and poured them out on one side of it, leading to several big tease spots that either 'Taker or Mankind would take a back bump on them.In the end, Mankind ended up jumping on Undertaker's back only to have "The Deadman" walk over to the thumbtacks and drop down.